Saturday, 10 August 2013

Taman Lembah Kiara (TTDI) workout park

Taman Lembah Kiara (TTDI)

Huge park with lots of trees, and monkeys around, don't worry they don't bother humans. This park is actually pretty popular, especially after working hours and weekends, you will see families around, lots of joggers, people doing pullups, occasionally you will see people doing tai chi, line dancing, some kind of yoga meditation thing, or roller skating. 

The jogging track surrounds a lake, not sure how long is the run around, my guess would be 1km or so. I think you can jog up a hill somewhere too, but i've never been up there. 

Theres workout equipments there too, you will see mostly guys there doing pullups pushups and such, those equipments are getting worned out there, the pullup bar pillar is starting to wiggle, and the dip bar is pretty much broken.

Overall its a nice park, quite alot of people, its one of my favorite parks, but too bad the dip bar is broken

Goggle Map Location:  
3.146076,101.632182  (copy to google map)

HIGH monkey bars
Pullup bar (high and low) 
Low Cylinder Bars 
Step Up seats
Inclined Bench and Normal Bench for ab stuff 
Big Jogging track around the lake
Children Playground
And some other equipments that i have no idea what they are called

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bandar Bukit Puchong workout park

Bandar Bukit Puchong workout park

Not a big park like TTDI with a lake, but a reasonable "square" that can be done
With some imagination, you can go a long way with this park.
Problems i have with it, it doesn't have a dip bar, and it can be messy most of the times
Trash everywhere!

Goggle Map Location:  
2.987142, 101.629865 (copy to google map)

Pullup bar (high and low)
Low Cylinder Bars
Vertical Pole with Step Up seats
Inclined Bench for ab stuff
Small Jogging track
Swing Set (get creative with what you can do with it)
Badminton Court

The little square for your workouts

The badminton court or you can use it to do some drills or such, 
can see bit of the jogging track there

You must be wondering why this little hut, and what can you do with it
You can hang your gymnastic rings or TRX under it!

Them beams!
Can hang them gymnastic rings or TRX on it! 
Dont worry, its stable, i tried it,
Its in most parks if im not mistaken
Still not as high as it should be for Rings, but it will do.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Gymboss Review

  1. Very convenient, has a very strong clip to clip on your clothing.
  2. Rubber coating, so it has grip...i think, actually i don't know what's its for, but i would think its for grip
  3. Easy to use, the instructions are actually written on the clip itself, so if you forget how to use it, BAM! it's right there.
  4. Has volume settings for a Low Beep or High one, even on Vibrate, so you don't disturb the people around you.
  5. Reasonable price and S+H, the device is about 20USD, shipping is around 6 USD(international)? i forget
  6. It's a Stopwatch too
  1. Well this is not really a con, but more of a PLUS, It be nice if it's an MPS player too
  2. It's a one button changing number thing, so if you hit that button one more time than you wanted, you have to keeping hitting it to get back to that number.
  1.   I recommend this anyone who's doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and/or Crossfitters. I use this thing alot, cause im a big fan of timed interval workouts. It's awesome for doing interval sprinting like Tabatas, just clip on your pants/sports-bra etc and let it rip, it does not come off easily, clip is pretty damn strong.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fat Gripz review

  1. Great workout on the grip and forearm
  2. Portable
  3. Versatile, can be used in most barbell and dumbbell exercises (bicep curls, bench press, Shurgs etc)
  1. Cannot be attached to equipments such as Kettlebells, TRX, Gymnastic Rings
  2. A bit of a high price tag if you are living in Malaysia, about RM150 per pair, plus shipping adds up to RM190
Other details:
  1. charges in Euro on their website
  2. shipping period is about 1 month using Royal Mail, for Malaysia that is
  1. Overall i'm happy with this purchase even with the high price. Great if you're looking for some change in your workouts, and if you want to get them Popeye strong forearms. I would recommend to get a few friends to order this with you so can save on the shipping. I used this on my deadlift and i can really feel a difference, using muscle on the forearm i never used before.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

2 min burpee challenge + 2 min HSPU challenge

This my 2nd workout of the day.

2 min burpee challenge:

Here's how you do a burpee:

-only counts when your chest touches the floor, and you must jump

-can get down on your knees for push up

My PR(personal record:
45 - 7/25/12

2 min HSPU (hand stand push up) challenge:

Here's how you do a HSPU:

-head must touch the ground
-must fully extend
-feet must be touching the wall at all times when pushing up
-kipping is allowed

-can go down 1/2 way or 3/4

My PR:
21 - 7/25/12

My WOD of the day: Cindy (Crossfit)

5 pullups
10 pushup
15 squats

complete as many rounds as possible for 20 mins

I was hoping to get 20 rounds, got 18 instead, i'll get 20 next time.
For this variation i did strict pullups instead of the crossfit kipping style

Pullups - all the way up with chin over the bar, then all the way down arm fully extend

Pushups - all the way down till your chest touch the ground, then all the way up with elbows locked

Squats - squat all the way down pass 90 degrees, then push all the way with hips fully extend.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Subang SS19 workout park

It's rare to find monkey's like this. 

This park is a little strange, everything is spaced out pretty far from each other, everything is spaced 50m away from each other. I guess you can do some pull ups and jog to the next station, to put some stamina work to it.

-Monkey Bars (pic above)
-Pull up bars (high and low)
-Dip station (grip slightly further away from each other)
-that bench with the horizontal bar across it
-the typical slides and swings


3.074845, 101.577798
(copy to Google Map)