Saturday, 10 August 2013

Taman Lembah Kiara (TTDI) workout park

Taman Lembah Kiara (TTDI)

Huge park with lots of trees, and monkeys around, don't worry they don't bother humans. This park is actually pretty popular, especially after working hours and weekends, you will see families around, lots of joggers, people doing pullups, occasionally you will see people doing tai chi, line dancing, some kind of yoga meditation thing, or roller skating. 

The jogging track surrounds a lake, not sure how long is the run around, my guess would be 1km or so. I think you can jog up a hill somewhere too, but i've never been up there. 

Theres workout equipments there too, you will see mostly guys there doing pullups pushups and such, those equipments are getting worned out there, the pullup bar pillar is starting to wiggle, and the dip bar is pretty much broken.

Overall its a nice park, quite alot of people, its one of my favorite parks, but too bad the dip bar is broken

Goggle Map Location:  
3.146076,101.632182  (copy to google map)

HIGH monkey bars
Pullup bar (high and low) 
Low Cylinder Bars 
Step Up seats
Inclined Bench and Normal Bench for ab stuff 
Big Jogging track around the lake
Children Playground
And some other equipments that i have no idea what they are called

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