Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cyberjaya workout park

There my TRX hangs.

There's a great workout park in Cyberjaya around my work area. The space is good, all the equipments are within each other, one of the few problems is that the ground plane is slightly, so it's sloping up, and some of the floor tile's corners are bending upwards, so you might trip if you run on them.

-Monkey Bars
-Pull up bars (high and low)
-Dip station
-those weird poles in the middle with 3 stools around it
-those long 2 by 4s, 6 inch off the ground with the ends connected to each other
-bench with horizontal bar across it
-jogging track (pretty good i must say)
-huge ass playground


2.922854, 101.649370 
(copy that to Google Map)

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