Monday, 11 June 2012

Spartucus workout

This workout was by Men's Health, it was use to promote the Spartucus TV show as well. This workout is one of the toughest workout i've ever done, all you need is a pair of dumbbells.

Spartucus workout:

-Equipments: pair of dumbbells 
-1 minute work, 15 sec rest between exercises
-do 10 exercises, rest 2 mins, and repeat 1 or 2 more times again, total of 2-3 rounds.

  1.  Goblet Squat
  2. Mountain Climber
  3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing
  4. "T" Push-Up
  5. Split Jump
  6. Dumbbell Row
  7. Dumbbell Side-Lunge & Touch 
  8. Push-Up Position Row
  9. Dumbbell Lunge & Rotation
  10. Dumbbell Push-Press
Here is a video demoed by Scott Herman

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