Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cook them Chicken Breast tender and juicy all the time everytime.

Im so tired of cooking chicken breast sometimes, caues they get all dry and sad, makes this "eating clean" process that much harder, i would dice and stir fry, or sometimes minced it in food processor to get away from that, but i finally have found a way to prevent that dryness from happening.

Over at TheKitchn they have a simple technique into doing so:

1. Seasoned your chicken as usual on both sides.
         (you can pound them to get them even first if you like, but i didnt do it for this batch)
2. Grill it on the pan 1 min on each side, just to brown it
3. Turn heat to low and put a lid on it
4. Set your timer for 10 mins, DO NOT OPEN AT ALL!
5. After 10 mins is up, turn off, set your timer for another 10 mins, and again. DO NOT OPEN THE LID!
6. After 10 mins up, you may open the lid, and dig into your chicken
7. Eat the chicken with your healthy balanced meal.
8. Do something productive, it has nothing to do with the chicken anymore, but just do it.

btw i just got this Korea King pot from Cosway, and its awesome!

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