Friday, 15 June 2012

Loaded Egg Pita sandwich

Sometimes i just don't feel like following a recipe, and just go with the flow with what i have. Today i ate more carbs, cause i'm gonna be doing some heavy leg lifting. When i improv on a meal, I generally make sure my meals have a balance portion of Protein, Carbs, Healthy Fats, and Vegs.

Here's what i use to make this:

- 4 egg whites 1 yolk
- 1 wholewheat pita
- 1 handful of shredded/peeled lettuce
- 1 handful diced tomatoes
- spices of your choice ( i used little salt, garlic powder, pepper)
- mustard for taste
- olive oil for cooking

1. Break eggs in a bowl, add spices, whisk it yo.

1. I toast the pita on the pan (i wouldnt toast it in a toaster, it tends to be too hard and crispy, and it would break whenever i try to put anything in it)

2. Add oil to pan, then  fry eggs until it's a little runny, i then toss(BAM!) in the tomatoes and lettuce, and mix it around with eggs. (i would turn the fire off after i drop the veg in, cause the nutrients in lettuce breaks down very quick, so i would stir the veg around in there until it's soft)

3. Add mustard

4. Cut pita in 1/2

5. Stuff that egg goodness in the pita

6. Stuff it in the pita already!

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